Born in 1975. I am a certified petroleum equipment technical manager.My hobby is travel.I like cats better than three meals a day.


I am in charge of blogging. I like Japanese classical performing arts. We are hosting the 「あらたま会, an adult club activity that enjoys Japanese dance and shamisen music. My Twitter account is@tsumakokeshi



We have been running an antique shop in Hirao, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City since 2004. We recycle and sell items that we have bought daily or that we have purchased from customers. We hope to be able to deliver something of value to someone else again.

We deal with mainly Japanese antiques, antiques, works of art, wooden furniture, hanging clocks, watches, jewelry, ceramics, glassware, etc. The unique wooden furniture made by old furniture makers has been repaired so as not to spoil the goodness of its age. We sell watches and clocks that have been overhauled by professional technicians. In addition to a pottery market, they regularly hold events for lacquer ware, local toys, kimonos, obi-dome and netsuke.

The shop owner, who is also a Petroleum Equipment Technical Supervisor, is responsible for repairing, servicing, and performing routine maintenance on your petroleum stove. You are welcome to come with your cat.